Children’s Dentistry

We make dentistry a fun learning experience for your children. Highland Creek Dental is a family oriented dental practice and children are always welcome!

According to the Canadian Dental Association, your child’s first dental visit should be by the age of one, or within the first six months from the eruption of the first tooth. While most parents are unaware of its importance, early care in children’s teeth and oral health is essential. Education, prevention and good hygiene are among the reasons why we like to see your children at an early age. The first appointment we treat as a fun introduction to dentistry. We will check for decay, review brushing techniques, clean and polish their teeth and provide a fluoride treatment. A very important aspect is discussing with you how different foods, drinks and snacks can adversely affect your child’s teeth. Our goal is to introduce and promote the gentle, caring and friendly dental approach that will get your children excited to come back for their next dental visit.

How often should children visit the dentist?

At you Scarborough dentist children are recalled every 6 months. Because they are growing and changing so rapidly, we pay special attention to erupting permanent teeth, growth and development of facial bones and smile aesthetics and function. We monitor the effects of oral habits including baby bottles, pacifiers and thumb sucking. Orthodontic evaluations take place when your child exhibits signs of undesired development. In these ways, Dr. Sara Razmavar optimizes facial and dental aesthetics and minimizes expense and treatment whenever possible.

Dental Sealants

One of the most common preventive dental procedures for children is dental sealants. They are plastic coatings that are put on the chewing surface of the child’s molars to fill in any pits and grooves in the tooth. Dental problems and tooth decay arise when food residues and bacteria get stuck in those pits and grooves with difficulty of reaching them with regular teeth brushing. Sealing those fissures at an early age protects the teeth from accumulating any residues, eliminating or at least minimizing the risk of developing tooth decay in the future. Between dental sealants and maintaining good hygiene habits, your child’s teeth should remain healthy and decay-free for a long time.